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What are these numbers?

Using the U.S. 2014 demographic statistics, we estimated what fraction of women (or men) represented (as a % of total humans) should be non-white if the U.S. magazine representation tracked U.S. demographic representation. These are reflected in the darker grey bars .

We then calculated the actual fraction of women (or men) who were non-white in the magazines, which are reflected by violet bars .

For example, in Vogue's Median graph for Advertising, 94% of people in advertising are Women. Of these, approx 24% should be women of color if the representation tracked demographics. However, in reality, approx 12% were.

Data is gathered per page of the U.S. digital editions of Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan for each month. Please contact us if you can help with gathering the data.


Non-white women are severely under represented in ads, not as severely in content.

Non-White Men are ABSENT in advertising. Elle didn’t have a single man of colour in advertisements in 5 of the 7 monthy issues, Vogue didn’t have one in 4 of 7.

While this report doesn't talk about magazine covers specifically, there wasn't much movement in diversity of people featured in magazine covers either.